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What will a videographer film at my wedding?

Couples planning their weddings just like you employ experienced wedding videographers so you can relive the most wonderful moments of your day, including your vows, the toasts at the reception, the dancing, and all the tiny moments in between. A wedding video is essential for capturing such moments as they happen and sharing them with others. But which specific wedding-day moments will your videographer record?

We created a wedding video checklist so that you are aware of what to anticipate before hiring.

Pre-ceremony Thrill

It is essential to have pictures of the bride, groom, and wedding party getting ready. Make sure your videographer has enough flexibility in the wedding day schedule to record moments with both spouses at their getting ready locations, whether your bridesmaids are donning matching gowns or the groomsmen are downing beers.

  • Bridal party getting their hair and cosmetics done.
  • Getting the bride’s dress buttoned or zippered.
  • Putting on jewelry or shoes, the bride.
  • Pinning the groom’s boutonniere.
  • Toasting and relaxing as groomsmen

A videographer cannot be in two locations at once, so keep that in mind. Therefore, if spending time with both people before the ceremony is vital to you, you might want to think about hiring two videographers if the getting ready places are far away.

The specifics of your day

You have put a lot of effort into planning every aspect of your wedding, including the centerpieces and invitations as well as the way the reception napkins are folded and the guest favors placed at the table settings. List the specifics you would like the videographer to record if you feel strongly that they should be preserved on tape. Your videographer only needs to record these details in between the bigger moments they are already concentrating on; they don’t necessarily need to set aside special time for it.

  • Your “something blue,” jewelry, and invitation suite
  • Outside view of the building or location
  • Interior wide picture of the building or location
  • Altar
  • Flowers
  • Wedding schedule

Additional close-ups:

  • Name tags for tables
  • Gift stand
  • Wide angle of the lobby
  • Detail of the table settings
  • Courtesy gifts
  • Centerpieces

Your Marriage Ritual

Your videographer should enter the location once everyone has arrived. Everything, from your flower girls to your “I do’s,” will need to be captured on camera. You should remind your cameraman to identify important attendees because you’ll likely want some crowd shots as well.

  • The procession of guests down the aisle
  • A musical performance (if any)
  • Waiting groom at the altar
  • Bridal party entering the church
  • Processional
  • Vows
  • Swapping of rings
  • The initial kiss
  • Greetings as a newlywed couple
  • Recessional
  • Bride and groom depart the location

Each time you see the finished video, your love will spring to life thanks to the joy that is caught throughout the ceremony and will be attractively accentuated.

Your Session of Romance

This is the time of your day when you and your spouse will kiss, pose, twirl, and dip for the camera, either right before or right after your ceremony. At your choice locations, your videographer will be right there with your wedding photographer to capture intimate photos of the two of you or group photos with the bridal party. 

  • Initial view
  • With the bridal party
  • Definite areas with your spouse

Moments of Reception

There are many moving parts, so be certain that your videographer has a list of every shot that must be taken during the reception. The number of hours you have scheduled for your wedding videographer will greatly influence how much of your reception they can document. These crucial reception moments are (probably) a given:

  • Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party & Newlyweds
  • Cutting the cake
  • Initial dance
  • An adult dances
  • Best man and lady of honor toasts

You can also anticipate a lot of fantastic dance floor footage if you had your wedding videographer stay for the entirety or the majority of the reception as scheduled.

  • Birthday dance
  • Visitors dancing
  • Garter toss and/or bouquet toss
  • Last dance

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The Surprising Moments

The most thrilling wedding day moments often occur behind the scenes, often in situations that you are not even there for. Even if you have a list of images you want to have taken, you should leave enough time in your schedule for the wedding day so that your videographer may take advantage of any unforeseen possibilities.

  • Keep an eye out for laughter as the ring bearer and flower girl make their way down the aisle.
  • Grandparents dancing on the dance floor.

Your wedding video will have individuality and become wholly yours because of these poignant moments. Our skilled wedding videographers will make sure to brilliantly capture those moments. Click here to understand the advantages of hiring a wedding videographer.