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If you’ve been searching for the right video company to help you capture that special moment or promote your business, you have found your guys! Our office is located right in Cheektowaga, NY and we were locally raised here in WNY. Whether it’s for a wedding, your company or business, or a personal video project, we would love the opportunity to serve you with your videographer Cheektowaga needs! We have a ton of video experience and we have worked with everyone from the Cheektowaga Police Department to Cheektowaga High School. We have affordable videography and when it comes to a premier local videographer, we hope to be your choice! You can call us directly at 716-309-4501.

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Cheektowaga High School Football Game


Our videographers are some of the top in the area and we come ready to do an awesome job for you every single time. Some our video services include:

  • Drone or Aerial Videography
  • Commercial or Video For Your Business
  • Wedding Videographers
  • Event Video
  • Real Estate Videography
  • Photography Services

We have been doing this for many years and consider ourselves professionals. We also know that when it comes to capturing video, it takes a lot of time, dedication and focus and we are ready for the challenge. When you’re shooting an event or wedding, you only get one shot! When we are creating video from you business, we know we are representing you and need to do an amazing job! In the end, we are confident you can trust us with your video needs and we are ready to help.


Video has burst onto the scene that last several years and now when it comes to marketing or promoting your company, video is a huge asset to have. Whether you need it for social media, your website, or Google Ads, video is highly effective and can make the difference in garnering you more sales. In addition, having a presence online has become crucial to any advertising campaign and that usually means some quality professional video can go a long way toward getting you those extra customers. When it comes to commercial videography, you can found on Buffalo Video Pros to knock it out of the park for you and your business!

Drone Shot Cheektowaga High School Football


Whether it’s the Cheektowaga Warriors or the Walden Galleria Mall, we love our home! This company was started and still runs out of Cheektowaga, NY and we would love the opportunity to help more of the local residents and help the WNY and Cheektowaga community. If you’re looking for a videographer Cheektowaga, please consider us as we know the area like nobody else! If you’re looking for a video company that can help you videos for your business or if you’re looking for a local wedding videographer – we can check all the boxes to help you. With the experience on our video team you will get a variety of different skills when you hire us.


As the video segment of society continues to grow, we are continuing to advance with it whether it’s with upgraded equipment or studying the latest trends. We want our customers to be overly happy every single time and that means we will do whatever it takes to deliver a superior product. Video is constantly changing and that means it’s important for our team to always be on top what can get our customers and clients the best results.


One thing you can be sure of if you work with Buffalo Video Pros is that you will absolutely love your video! We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and your video is perfect. If you’re trusting us to make you something amazing, then as your video company we will make sure we deliver!

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