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Professional Video Editing

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    Video editing is officially more popular than ever! With a cell phone in the hands of almost everyone, and newer phones shooting better video including 1080p and 4K, there seems to be increasing demand for people wanting to send us their video clips and have it transformed into a a beautiful professional video! With some of the video editors in the area, we can most definitely offer Buffalo, NY video editing services!

    Video Editor Services

    One thing that times a lot of time and attention to detail is video editing. Not only that, it's a real talent to have the ability to transform video clips into something beautiful that plays smoothly.  We employ all local video editors that understand WNY and the city of Buffalo since often times that can come into play when putting together the video.

    What Have We Edited?

    A better question might be what haven't we edited!? We have done everything from birthday celebration videos that include photos and videos of the individual from birth. We have done the same thing for graduation videos that tell the story of a student from birth all the way until receiving their diploma. Moreover, we have edited a number of cell phone videos from a wedding into one cohesive presentable video! We have worked with college students and sororities to use their cell phone videos to create a recruitment video. We have also created celebration of live videos for funerals in order to have something to play the service honoring the individual that passed. When it comes to video editing, there isn't much we can't do!

    Why Choose a Video Editing Service?

    As mentioned above, video editing is a very unique skill that requires years of practice and experience. However, if you're looking to save on money, choosing the route of having editing done of your clips may be the choice for you. By providing us your video footage as opposed to hiring us to come and shoot the video for you -- which means more time, a crew, equipment, and more -- it can make a big difference in the pricing quote we can provide. We'll simply setup a custom drive link for you, email the link to you, and you can drag your files right in their directly from your phone or computer. We make the entire process very quick and easy for you.

    From there, we take all the footage and begin to download and compile it. We begin the editing process including enhancing the video and color grading it. Next, we begin putting it together and telling the story you are hoping for from start to finish. We add music, voiceover if needed, and any audio that makes sense. By the end of it, we have created a full professional video for you that is ready for you to play for others, or to have as a keepsake to remember a special time or moment.

    Choose The Pros

    We are experience and knowledgeable in the world of video! If you've been looking for a local video editing service here in the WNY and Buffalo, NY area, you found us and we are ready to take your footage and create something you can't wait to show off! Give us a call at 716-300-6544 and let's discuss your project!