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Real Estate Videos That All Agents Should Produce

Ten Real Estate Videos That All Agents Should Produce

Videos are crucial in the real estate market of today if you want to engage with your customers and generate high-quality leads for your company. According to studies, 64% of consumers only rely on videos to decide whether or not they want to view a particular property, and 39% of homebuyers rely on online video sites for information.

However, what types of real estate videos need you to be producing? This blog will discuss the various real estate films you should make in order to expand your clientele and get qualified leads.

Make a video introduction

Because not everyone who discovers you online will necessarily know who you are, an introduction video is crucial whether you’re new to the real estate industry or an experienced broker. Building a brand and obtaining trustworthy leads automatically may be accomplished with the help of a little film explaining who you are, what services you provide, and how you can assist homebuyers.

Make a video listing properties

If you don’t list your homes for potential purchasers to view, you cannot possibly expect to sell them as a real estate agent. However, the era of dull, outdated listings with obscure photographs is over, and video listings are gaining favor. This is so that viewers can make decisions more easily and get a more comprehensive view of the property when viewing video listings.

Create a video promoting a free service

Allowing prospective consumers to use your service personally is one of the best methods to establish credibility and trust with them. And what better way to accomplish that than by providing them with a brief complimentary service?

Inform your audience

The easiest video marketing strategies to establish a long-term relationship with potential customers without actually being salesy are through educational films. How come? Because you offer advice and help on a topic that many people who are entering the real estate market to buy or sell properties find difficult. Click here to read about using videography to boost your business.

Make videos of client testimonials

One of the finest ways to establish credibility and trust with new customers is through testimonial videos since they allow them to see firsthand what previous customers think of you.

Make a video of a house tour.

A study found that listings with virtual tours received 87% more inquiries than listings without them. You can significantly increase the quality of your leads and conversions by using virtual tours.

Make open home invitations on video

If enough people attend, open houses can be quite efficient at generating new leads. Additionally, making a video invitation for your open house is a fantastic method to increase interest in the occasion and extend more invitations.

Create a video highlighting the homes you’ve sold

Building trust with home sellers is easy with real estate movies that highlight the homes you’ve sold. You can use it to highlight your abilities as a realtor and the benefits of hiring you when someone wants to sell a home.

Greetings on Special Occasions

It’s polite to send wishes for holidays and special occasions to past customers and to foster relationships with prospective ones. Additionally, it promotes a broad sense of community. You can also post these on social media to engage with your neighborhood.

Video Market Updates

It’s critical to keep up with market developments and give your customers useful information so they can make informed real estate decisions because real estate trends are constantly changing.

Market update films are ideal for establishing a connection with potential customers, differentiating you as a leader in your field, and earning the trust of prospects throughout the purchase process.


Real estate video marketing is crucial because it increases the number of offers you receive for properties that are advertised and generates leads for your company. However, starting with real estate video production can be a little frightening because it can be challenging to decide what kind of movies to make and how to go about doing so. You might wanna check out the top real estate marketing ideas to dominate your industry and gain more prospects.