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Certified drone photographer

How to select an FAA Certified drone photographer for your event

Many people now own drones as they become more commonplace devices. The number of FAA-certified drone owners in the United States is rapidly increasing. This is due to the fact that many people own a drone for recreational purposes and fly it as a hobby. However, it is important to note that when used by an inexperienced operator, drones can be dangerous.

However, if you hire an aerial photographer for your event, you must ensure that your drone pilot is FAA-certified (FAA). Still, some drone owners present themselves as FAA certified, and to avoid this, keep the following points in mind. Click here to see how drones add a new dimension to your videos.

Conduct your research

Before hiring an event videographer using drone for a corporate event or a family gathering, do your homework on the drone pilot. We hold our partner pilots to the highest industry certification and professionalism standards. Our pilots are all certified and insured.

Is it necessary for drone photographers to be FAA-certified?

Yes. A drone pilot, unlike a regular photographer, must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate legally. This means you must ensure that the person you hire has an FAA Section 333 Exemption as well as a license to conduct drone operations. Remember that hiring a professional drone company ensures that all airspace regulations and flight height restrictions are followed.

Is Drone Liability Insurance Required?

The next thing you should look into is whether or not your drone pilot’s license includes general liability insurance. This is significant because if something goes wrong and the pilot you hire is not insured, you will be held liable for any damage or injury.

If you are already a commercial drone operator and need help finding insurance or selecting a plan, we have written a helpful guide here.

What Are the Drone Privacy Laws?

Remember that every certified or licensed pilot is well-versed in aviation regulations and privacy laws. They understand that they cannot record a public opinion. Furthermore, they must adhere to the FAA’s regulations and guidelines. Make sure you do your homework to determine whether your project will necessitate an aerial filming permit.

Use Only Professional UAV Company

When it comes to hiring a drone company, most people go with the lowest price. Regardless of the fee, you must make certain that the operator you hire is certified and has years of experience. Most importantly, drone operators who have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have professional skills and can work legally. Furthermore, a professional drone pilot always ensures that services are provided in a safe manner.

In conclusion

While the technology is becoming more popular, many people are using drone photography for commercial and personal purposes. Keep the preceding points in mind if you intend to hire a drone company for your next event. Furthermore, at Buffalo Videos Pros all of our drone photographers and videographers are FAA certified, you can contact us to hire an experienced and licensed pilot. We always make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with our services both legally and professionally, because honesty is the best policy. Discover the pros and cons of using drones in videography.