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Live streaming has been rapidly growing in popularity throughout the past decade and is in high demand. More and more businesses need a live streaming video company’s services, as well as consulting and advice on best practices.

Buffalo Video Pros is the premier live streaming company in the Buffalo, NY area. If you’re looking for the experts in live streaming for your business or personal project, look no further. Whether you’re doing low-key live streams on social media, or more detailed and in-depth scheduled streams for events and productions, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Meet With Us First

We take the time with all live stream clients to discuss what their specific goals are, and what they want to accomplish with live streaming. Many are doing this for the very first time, so it is an opportunity for both of us to see how we can work together and create value for each other in the best way possible.

During this initial consultation, we determine what you require, not only in terms of live streams, but also in terms of equipment and editing services (depending on your budget). Once that is all figured out and agreed upon, we will move forward with scheduling your live streaming event.

Live Stream Filming

Buffalo Video Pros schedules the live streaming and works with you throughout the process to ensure the live streaming is a complete success. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and meets all production standards for a quality live streaming experience.

Our team is there throughout the live stream in the event any issue arises, technical or otherwise. We guarantee to ensure your live stream is seamless from start to finish!

Live Stream Consulting

Some organizations like to do their own live streaming with their own equipment, but lacks some knowledge that an expert and experienced live streaming video company like Buffalo Video Pros has. We offer consulting services in this case, in which we answer questions you have and – if you want – help plan your live streaming event for broadcasting around the world.

No matter what your live streaming needs, we can help you with any question or problem that may concern you. We are here to help!


Once the live streaming is complete, you are entitled to keep all the footage. We will follow up with you to see if further editing is needed and/or if there is anything else we can help with in regards to the video content. Once our work there is complete, you’ll be completely satisfied with your experience, and you will  have the streamed footage for use in the future.

From the early planning stages to any post-stream edits and questions, Buffalo Video Pros are the premier live streaming company in the Buffalo area. We pride ourselves on our expertise, and guarantee you have the best live streaming experience possible. We look forward to working with you soon for all of your live streaming projects and events!

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Looking for some high-level video production? You came to the right place! Video has become a huge part of society and continues to grow each and every year. We are born and raised in Buffalo, NY and love serving our community as the go-to local video company and videographers. If you need to create videography, we would love to help you with that! We’ve worked with a number of local companies, individuals and brands around Buffalo and WNY. If you’re in need of a local videographer – you found the perfect team to help bring your videography vision to life! We will go through the entire process with you from start to finish. All we need from you is to let us know what you are looking to have filmed or created, and we will get to work on the creation process. If you need to hire expert videographers then our team here at Buffalo Video Pros is a wonderful choice. Whether it’s your event you need filmed, wedding videographer, your business, or even some drone photography or video, we do it all!


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