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Video Marketing

Is video good for marketing?

Video should be the cornerstone of your marketing approach if you want to convert spectators into paying customers. We’re not just stating that because our business specializes in video production. Actually, there is a ton of research to support our claims. Generally speaking, video is more persuasive than written information. There is no better method to turn viewers into consumers than by mastering the art of video marketing.

The top five advantages of video are as follows

Videos Attract Viewers
The first part of the battle is getting people to see your digital adverts. Consider what catches your eye when you scroll through a website. Is it a colorful video or just simple text advertising? Simply put, video commercials are more engaging than static ones. It’s fundamental psychology. Since your eyes are drawn to movement in videos, they inevitably draw attention. A static banner ad has a click-through rate that is over 27 times lower than an online video ad.
Videos Captivate Audiences
Videos not only draw viewers in, but they also hold it. Videos are able to convey a lot of information in a condensed amount of space since they can incorporate movement, sound, and text. A one-minute video is supposedly equivalent to 1.8 million words. Additionally, compared to text, visuals are considerably easier for the brain to understand. In reality, thousands of times faster. If you simply have a few seconds to engage someone, video is the preferable form of media. Videos are also a great way to share stories. The brain also enjoys stories. People are moved by them emotionally, which motivates them to share, remark, and like. For instance, tweets containing videos are 6 times more likely to be shared than tweets with just images, while tweets with only photographs are 150% more likely to be shared.
Videos Increase Website Traffic
Videos are excellent for SEO, as we’ve already stated and will do so again. A company that hosts videos discovered that by ensuring that its movies are indexed by search engines, they could raise their overall organic search traffic by 10%. In 2022, 87% of respondents claimed that video had increased their website traffic. That proportion increased from just 55% in 2015. An inbound link is produced when someone shares your video or links back to your website. Your SEO ranking is greatly affected by inbound links. Your website appears more credible to Google the more inbound connections it has. As a result, you rise in the search results, starting a positive feedback loop.
Videos Increase Brand Recognition
Have you ever finished reading a book’s entire page before realizing that you have no idea what you just read? After that, it takes time to go back and read something you’ve previously seen. Regression is the name for this phenomenon. Regression can be annoying when reading, but it is almost completely eliminated with movies. 80% of clients, according to experts, recall watching a video within the last month. Do you think you could say the same about the text ads you read before choosing to read this blog post? Videos provide you the opportunity to organize material into a succinct story that will captivate viewers in a way that words cannot. Because people are much more likely to recall a tale than a list of facts, this makes them more memorable.
Videos Boost Purchasing Intent
Customers are guided through the marketing funnel using videos. The success of any marketing campaign is built on conversions. In other words, your marketing is effective if customers purchase your goods or service. According to one study, watching a movie increases buying intent by 82%. Also, 73% of consumers think they’re more likely to buy after watching a branded film promoting a product or service.