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Drone Videography







    Drones are the next best thing in getting that amazing aerial shot in a much easier fashion than it used to be, allowing local businesses to take advantage of more stylized Videography. Although Drones have made it easier, they can be quite expensive and require to be registered. Often being hard to learn how to operate as well, which can be a bit of a risk if it is only needed for one event. The experts at Buffalo Video Pros are skilled in Drone Operation and capturing the perfect shot. From Real Estate Videography, small business Photography or even capturing a unique outdoor Birthday shot. We can help incorporate your creative ideas with our exceptional Drone Videography skills.

    Types of Drone Videography

    Having a professional Videographer allows you to take advantage of more unique ideas and skills. As well as having an expert Drone Operator that can get those creative shots you have been looking for. Drones can be used for a multitude of different things, from wide panning shots to capture landscapes and outdoor areas, to tracking shots to follow a particular subject matter. We can create a variety of different Drone Videography styles and effects. With skilled Drone Operators that are adept in Aerial and Drone techniques, that can create some exceptional shots for your Video Project. We are confident you will be excited by the production level.

    Drone Registration and Legal Requirements

    In the state of New York, there are Federal Laws regarding the ownership and use of Drones in public and private spaces. With Registration Fees an ongoing study, it can be difficult and costly to acquire all these things, when you may only need Drone Videography once. Which is why it can sometimes be best to get a registered and certified professional, to worry about all the little details for you. If you have any questions about Drone Operation in the state of New York and what we can and cannot do under Federal Law, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Drone Video Editing

    Drone Video Editing Software can be different from normal Video Editing Software and can also be expensive which is why we offer a competitive and reputable Drone Video Editing service. Why only pay to get half the job done, when you can have everything completed by the same great team? Let us know if you have any cool ideas, we are happy to have you throughout the Editing process for direction and input, as it is our goal to provide unmatched Drone Videography services, that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to talk about Drone Videography and Drone Videography Editing in the community of Buffalo NY.

    Client Satisfaction

    We are dedicated to ensuring that we have produced exactly what you were after, with above standard skills and creativity. When completing any Videography project, we understand that capturing the perfect aerial shot can take time and effort. Which is why we always endeavour to have the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. If you would like to know more about how we keep you in the know during the whole process, from initial planning to completing Drone Video Editing, let us know. We make sure to stick to your creative plan and stylisation. We are happy to show you how we ensure client satisfaction during all about Videography Projects.